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Manage Equipment Requests and keep track of your Active Lease Portfolio in a single, cloud-based tool that's easy to implement and scale across a global manufacturing footprint.


Gain control over your leased assets with prescriptive guidance and the digital tools to ensure success.

Proactively collate and store all relevant lease details and documentation, using LeaseLink, our cloud-based Lease Portfolio Management platform to centralize Equipment Requests, gain visibility over in-progress Lease Requests and an report against an Active Portfolio of Leases on a global scale.

Using this information, make more informed decisions to negotiate favourable lease terms and manage effective end of lease requirements for any assets under lease.

Review your portfolio of financed assets to streamline expenses, discover evergreens, address interest rates and optimize (or centralize) lease management processes.
Once a lease has been agreed and finalized, itā€™s important that organizations have a process in place for managing and monitoring all legal obligations surrounding the lease, such as rental payments, renewal cost and end of lease terms, whilst also handling any lease alterations where necessary.

For a company to get the full value from their leases and to take advantage of the benefits of competitively negotiated lease arrangements, itā€™s vital they pro-actively manage the lease process at all stages of the lease life cycle. This is where effective lease portfolio management comes into its own.

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