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Idle Asset Review

Organizations make efforts to make full utilization of fixed assets in their possession and control. They must make efforts to identify and make available idle, excess, and underutilized equipment to other locations that may need them, before considering strategies for disposal.

We provide a turnkey offering to enable these efforts, contact us to learn more.

Assets Management is our core competency, as specialists in Surplus Asset Management we provide a turnkey offering to identify Idle Assets that may be surplus to  requirements.

With on-hand Equipment Appraisers and Remarketing Leaders across North America, Europe and beyond, our unique experience, process and innovative technology allow us to assess your manufacturing footprint to identify where there may be Idle Assets.

To ensure your organization stays ahead of accounting impacts and insurance requirements, we provide comprehensive valuations for these potentially idle assets to support the formation of an appropriate strategy, whether retaining, redeploying or remarketing those assets via our Global Marketplace. 

Contact us to learn more.
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Our team of Global Remarketing Leaders can coordinate an Idle Asset Review across your entire organization, here's how we scale quickly to identify idle assets before forming an actionable plan that meet's your needs.

Step 1
Identify Impacting Activities

We notify key parties that an Idle Asset Review is starting and their input will be required.

We begin collecting data across all in-scope locations to identify activities or operations that may have rendered assets idle.

The output of this step is to identify assets that may be potentially idle.

Step 2
Capture Condition and Value

We then proceed to capture the condition of potentially idle assets leveraging AssetLink to capture key attributes, photos and condition, this can be done by our own employees or yours.

We then value all potentially idle assets using our AMEA certified appraisers to provide clear datapoints that form the basis for future decisions.

Step 3
Capture Financial Data

In partnership with Site Finance, we capture critical financial values including Original Equipment Cost (OEC) and Net Book Value (NBV) to align our valuation datapoints (Fair Market Value (FMV) and other values).

We then partner with you to build actionable plan to Hold, Redeploy or Remarket idle assets based upon your goals.


Enable Efficiency

We have the people, process and tech to carry out an Idle Asset Review as soon as required, but for future reviews we prefer to transfer this process, enabled on a global scale via AssetLink.

Idle Asset Reviews are most effective when executed as part of an annual operating rhythm.

Internal Redeployment

Reduce Capital Expenditure for new assets, transfer assets to other manufacturing locations.

AssetLink facilates enable redeployment through a Web interface and Mobile App, with Email / Push Notifications, Q&A and "Request a Transfer" features to drive engagement across a global footprint.

Generate Cash

Our global marketplace, Link Warehouse connects sellers and buyers through a managed and transparent auction or private treaty sale. Buyers incur all removal costs.
We provide pre-registration and post-sale screening to ensure you stay compliant with industry and local regulations.

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