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Capture and Manage Idle or Surplus Equipment, leveraging AssetLink to redeploy idle assets internally, before ultimately remarketing assets via a global and compliant disposition channel.

Trying AssetLink is the best way to truly understand how simply powerful it is.
Empower employees, capture idle assets In-Situ or in Bulk
Leverage AssetLink Mobile our mobile app to capture assets in-situ, now available for Android and iOS.

Import Fixed Asset Registers information to compare Net Book Values against Fair Market Value (Certified Appraisals).

Communicate the program broadly, via Whitelabel Marketplace
We provide customers with their own SSO-enabled Redeployment Marketplace.

This solution provides your employees with all details of the Program, information on Available Assets and the ability for users to "Ask a Question" or "Request a Transfer".


Capture and Manage Idle or Surplus Equipment, match surplus with the right end users, before ultimately remarketing assets via a global and compliant disposition channel.

Import asset information from Excel or capture Assets via AssetLink Mobile, before requesting valuations or certified appraisals, ensure you stay in front of book values and market value.

Our turnkey processes and technology, alongside with on-demand logistics support and project management embody the experience and expertise of the most complex organizations and deliver immediate impact.
Drive accountability via Reporting
A suite of reporting tools provide details of redeployment successes, and Equipment Needs across the company.  

If assets can't be redeployed in a timely manner, we will recommend moving them to a Remarketing Project for disposition.

AssetLink Mobile App

Get our app for mobile asset capture and experience the efficiency and performance of our surplus asset management solutions – live and in the real world.

AssetLink Web App

See how easy it is to bulk upload assets from your fixed asset register with this simple online demo that lets you scan items using the video stream from your device.